Why It Is Crucial To Check Your Air Filter’s Condition?

Replacing an Air FilterFor many people, there are numerous different tasks that come with preparing the home for the changing seasons. Among the most important of these tasks is the preparation of the HVAC system in order to make sure that it is functioning and ready to work for the more inclement weather. Changing the air filter can help improve the overall functionality of the system. Most professionals would advise for homeowners to change their air filters every month, but its a good idea to check your air filter’s condition every three months at the most. This is an important part of the maintenance procedure for several reasons.

The first of which is to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. This extends to a wide variety of different types of filters, all of which will need to be regularly replaced in order to make sure that the system does not work more than it needs to. When dirt accumulates along the filter and begins to clog the airways, the system can overheat and break down because of the lack of circulation. Sometimes replacing the filter can be an easy way to prevent future problems from occurring.

Another reason to stay on top of your filter maintenance is so that you can continue to keep energy costs low. When a clogged air filter tries to function, it has to work harder, which, in turn, increases the energy being used. This can significantly increase your average utilities bill because of the extra energy that will need to be used for the same amount of work.

A cleaner air filter will always mean that the overall air quality is higher in the home. It is important to carefully maintain the air quality by replacing the air filter because if the filter is clogged, then particles and harmful contaminants are not removed from the air as efficiently. This is especially important if you or someone who lives with you suffers from asthma or general allergies. If the air filter is not taken care of, then it is possible for symptoms to become more severe as more and more contaminants are left alone and present in the air.

In addition to all of these reasons, it is important to keep your air filters clean because it also means that you are keeping your system clean. With a cleaner filter set in place in the unit, the risk that contaminants can clog the internal mechanisms of the unit is significantly decreased. This is important because not only does it extend the life of the system, but it also saves you money on what would otherwise be costly repairs. While checking the system yourself is highly recommended on a regular basis, it is also a good idea to consult the  professionals at Anderson Air Corps at least once a year to make sure that the system is running smoothly.