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Hands down, the best experience I have had in dealing with a company since moving to NM. We installed a new combo unit on our roof, along with new thermostat and duct work. The estimator was the most through with attention to detail that surpassed all other estimates. There wasn't a hitch in their scheduling and installation. Extremely courteous and professional service, along with very competitive pricing. I would highly recommend Anderson Aircorps for any HVAC needs.

—Pam Pearson, 2021, via Google


These guys are exactly what we need for installation and repair of the cooler. They answered the phone, came out asap, and gave me a written estimate. The shop guy called me, the estimator called me, and they coordinated with the roofer I needed to use. Then they finished early. It was completely right without me having to check up on them. I couldn’t be happier. Call them old school or just call them pro... but call them!

—Glen Holmen, 2021, via Google


You will find none better. Always the highest quality work and service. Whether home or office, we always call Anderson Air Corps. We see Austin most regularly, and he is trustworthy and very focused on his work which is always excellent. Quick responses to HVAC problems make AAC our number #1 choice.

—B Murphy, 2021, via Google

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