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Anderson Air put in a combined heater and a/c unit in our house last year. This was on a 1970's era house, with floor ducts, and the heater and a/c unit were fitted in a small closet. Both the heater and a/c worked out great, so much nicer than the old heater and swamp cooler we had before. We have been very happy with the quality of the gear they installed (Carrier), and their service has been top notch. They are always responsive, usually coming out the day we call them. We had a few issues after the initial install, as often happens with any new system. They went above and beyond to fix the issues, which are now resolved. They are not a company that bails once they get your money, they actually follow through to make sure you get what you paid for. Nice. We wanted a first class professional experience, and that's what we got. Very pleased we went with Anderson.

—Chris Turner, 2023, via Google


Four years ago Anderson Air Corp replaced our old sub-floor gas furnace and floor ducting with new furnace and ducting and added a cooling system to replace our evaporative cooler. We got the Carrier Infinity System air conditioner and gas furnace with modern Carrier Infinity Controller with wifi access capability. We bought the 10-year extended warranty agreement. They also installed a two-unit mini-split heating/cooling for two of our separate rooms. They helped us find a good electrical contractor to do the necessary upgrade to our electrical power panel and service. The installers were professional and experienced and our twice-a-year warranty contract checkups and maintenance visits have been on-time and thorough. We highly recommend Anderson Air Corp for any of your HVAC needs.

—Peter Karl, 2023, via Google


After reviewing heating and cooling systems for energy efficiency, I decided to buy a heat pump for my home. I chose Anderson Air Corps as my contractor. They did an amazing job on every aspect of the project including: positive communication, respectful care of my home , technical expertise required for the installation, testing the efficiency of the system and completing the project within the stated time frame. I would highly recommend Anderson Air Corps because of their professionalism and technical expertise with heating and cooling.

—Cindy, 2023, via Google

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