An alternative for conventional air conditioning for commercial businesses is an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler. In hot and dry climates, this unit type will work well to provide a quality cooling option for your business comfort needs. At Anderson Air Corps, we offer such evaporative coolers for your cooling needs. We can offer HVAC maintenance on such types as well as installation and repair needs. Learn more about swamp coolers by reading below.

How does an evaporative cooler function?

This unit type uses a wet and dry thermometer to determine the amount of efficiency needed with the evaporative unit. The difference found between the two thermometers will help to indicate how much is needed to reduce the amount of heat in the office. Our team of certified professionals have experience with this unit type and can offer you several options for installation, including repair and maintenance.

Common Problems of Evaporative Coolers

Just like any HVAC system, an evaporative cooler can be subject to issues. The unit type can increase the humidity to levels that will reduce the cooling effects of the body. This unit type can also develop mold as well as mildew in the home. This can lead to health issues for members of the office. Any wood furniture can be subject to moisture which can cause rot and deterioration to certain office equipment. Ductwork is not as efficient with an evaporative unit as the volume that you need in relation to air is more than normally needed with other units.

Does My Evaporative system need repair?

You may be wondering if your unit is in need of repair. It is essential to have your air conditioning repair needs taken care of quickly and efficiently. We can offer repair service in a timely fashion to get your unit in proper working order in no time. Below are a few common problems found with an evaporative system so you can realize when to contact our team at Anderson Air Corps for assistance.

If the cooling capability has decreased, then you most likely have an issue with the pad, fan or plumbing of your unit. If you find that your system is leaking down the walls or through the roof of your office, you can have additional plumbing failure with your unit. Replacement parts will be needed when you see rusting with the chassis portion of the system. Strange odors similar to a swamp indicate that you may have an issue with algae, mold or mildew. We will need to evaluate your unit quickly to repair this problem.

Is Maintenance required for this unit type?

To have a cool office during the summer months, you will need to maintain your swamp cooler unit. We can offer you maintenance service which will include regular inspections as well as cleaning of your unit. A professional maintenance inspection will include a tune-up with our cooling specialists with essential steps taken to get your unit in order.

With our inspection, we will provide replacement pads for your unit to operate effectively, preventing mildew and mold development. The reservoir will be emptied to reduce any standing water that may create mold and algae. The water supply will be turned off and the pipes drained to prevent freezing and bursting of pipes. The fan motor and connections will be checked to ensure the unit is in quality condition. Gears are lubricated as well as the Chassis inspected.

To learn more about the evaporative cooling units, contact our office today. We can assist you with a number of options for your commercial needs.