The Heat Is On For Air Conditioner Repair

April 26, 2014

Air Conditioner RepairSummer is around the corner so now is the best time to get the house ready to take on the heat. Some homeowners paint their roofs in a lighter shade to reflect sunlight while others add insulation to the walls. Throughout all the preparations, people must not forget to check their air conditioning system. It is one of the most critical components of the house as it cools every room to keep the family comfortable. Yet the AC, like all machines, can have problems or fail outright. Any issue should be taken care of immediately before they get worse when it really matters.

Why You Need to Get the Freon Charged

Air conditioners use a refrigerant throughout the cooling cycle. It is a substance that flows around the system, turning from liquid to gas and back again, removing heat from the air in the process. There are various types being used including Freon which is also known as R22. Most of the older models have it. Ideally, refrigerants can last the entire lifetime of the unit. This means that they should not have to be replaced in any way. In really, however, things happen that could affect their quality or quantity. Intervention is required to remedy the situation.

Looking at the Usual Suspects

There are a number of things that could cause the AC to fail. Each of them needs to be considered and tested so as to arrive at the right conclusion. For instance, perhaps it’s the thermostat that is actually at fault. Set it at low temperature to see if the room will begin to cool down. It should not take more than a couple of minutes to feel the initial results. If the room stays warm, then either the thermostat is broken or a busted component is keeping the system from doing its job.

After checking thermostat settings, it would be advisable to inspect the vents and the fans as well. The vents should blow cold air if everything is working correctly. If only warm air is sensed from the openings, then the system simply cannot perform as intended. This would be indicative of a problem with the refrigerant, especially if other things such as the fans are in order. Take a peek at the fans to see whether they are turning at a good speed or not.

Calling the Experts

To eliminate the guesswork, contact an experienced service provider to inspect the unit and do the troubleshooting. They will be able to make a conclusive assessment as to whether the central air conditioner needs charged or not. Professionals have the tools as well as the skills to fix leaks and other problems before replacing the Freon in the right amounts.