Comparing Bypass and Fan-Powered Humidifiers

Bypass humidifiers use a furnace to distribute moisturized air. Fan-powered humidifiers, on the other hand, operate independently. Although the difference between these HVAC units is simple, choosing between them is not.

Comparing Bypass and Fan-Powered Humidifiers

To determine which one to buy, let us uncover the answer to the following questions:

Which One Costs More?

Generally, bypass units are more economical than their fan-powered counterparts. Any Carrier® air conditioner repair and furnace installation technician could tell you that an additional duct is necessary to link a bypass humidifier to the system. This extra work to add the duct will inflate the cost of the job.

In addition, when it comes to upkeep, a fan-powered humidifier may need more attention. It has more moving parts, so it could break down sooner if not regularly checked by a professional. Since bypass units are typically subject to fewer repairs throughout their service lives, having one may help you save on maintenance costs.

Which One Is More Efficient?

Fan-powered humidifiers win this round. They produce about one gallon more humidity every 24 hours than bypass units. They can also add more moisture to the air across more space in less time.

You can’t enjoy 100% of the output of a bypass humidifier because it has to recirculate the air it moisturizes through a furnace’s fan. Furthermore, you can’t operate one when your furnace is off. If you need more humidity but not more heating, you may end up having to use more energy than necessary to get it.

Which One Is Louder?

Bypass humidifiers are much quieter because they have no fan. Fan-powered units may be louder, but a qualified technician can offer solutions to make their noise less annoying.

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