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Reasons to Switch From a Swamp Cooler to an AC

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A swamp cooler is an energy-efficient HVAC unit. It lowers room temperatures by causing moisture from water-soaked pads to evaporate using outdoor heat. As a result, the indoor air then becomes cool enough to provide comfort.

Honest Carrier air conditioner repair and installation technicians admit that while swamp coolers are less costly to own and maintain, there are many benefits to replacing them with a central AC unit. Below are two of the most noteworthy.

Consistent Comfort

The performance of swamp coolers largely depends on the amount of heat in the outdoor air. Generally, they work best when it’s anywhere between 80°F and 93°F outside. Under ideal conditions, these cooling units can reduce a room’s temperature by 20°F. However, even when there’s enough heat to be used for evaporation, they may underperform when it is too hot inside the building. Swamp coolers usually struggle when the inside air is more than 95°F.

Air conditioners do not share the same limitation. ACs use refrigerant, so the outside air temperature doesn’t affect the amount of chilled air they can produce. If you choose a high-efficiency unit, you can also minimize your energy consumption.

Less Humidity

Unless you live in a dry climate, using swamp coolers to regulate your building’s indoor climate may be a bad idea. These units add more moisture into the air, as they rely on water evaporation.

On the contrary, air conditioners dehumidify the air. They’re able to effectively mitigate mugginess, which helps discourage the activity of many allergens, including mold, mildew and dust mites.

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