4 Factors That Affect HVAC Installation and Repair Costs


A new HVAC system is an important investment, so you should put long-term costs into consideration, including repair, maintenance, and energy costs. The following are some factors that can affect the overall costs of a new air conditioning system.

4 Factors That Affect HVAC Installation and Repair Costs

  1. Type of System – The make, model, and type of air conditioning system can affect its cost. Generally, the more features the unit has, the more it will cost. When buying a new air conditioning system, don’t make your choice based on the upfront cost alone. There are many other factors, like the size of the unit needed to cool your space.

  1. Efficiency – Air conditioner efficiency is based upon its seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. It measures the air conditioning unit’s cooling output against the consumed energy. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient it will be. You may notice that newer models with higher SEER ratings tend to cost more but consider the potential energy savings that you can receive over its lifespan.

  1. Capacity – Your new air conditioner should match the size of the room, or house if it’s a central air conditioning unit and its cooling capacity. Choose a unit with a relatively low output and it will be constantly overworked, leading to unnecessarily high energy consumption and shortened lifespan. An air conditioner with too high an output isn’t ideal either, as it will cool the room too soon, shutting off before it can completely dehumidify the area. NATE-certified technicians are trained to measure a room’s cooling requirements and can help you choose the right air conditioner that your home needs.

  1. Existing Ductwork – Your existing ductwork can affect the installation costs, depending on its condition. It wouldn’t make sense to install a new central air conditioner if the ductwork has leaks or if the zone control systems are malfunctioning. Since the repair work has to be done before the new air conditioner can be installed, it will be added on top of the installation costs.

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