Troubleshooting Cold Air Blowing From Furnace Fans

The primary job of your furnace is simple: to heat your home. If you’re not feeling hot air come out from your heating system, obviously there’s a problem. Furnace fans blowing cold air is a common symptom of malfunctioning heating systems. The underlying issue could be a number of things: from a simple leak in your ductwork to the fan limit switch requiring some technical adjustment.

Troubleshooting Cold Air Blowing From Furnace Fans

Call the Professionals

First, we strongly recommend that you contact our heating repair specialists from Anderson Air Corps, especially if you have no experience dealing with the inner workings of your furnace. Precocious and well-meaning clients will try to fiddle with their furnace themselves and troubleshoot the cold air blowing from the fans. Unfortunately, this often worsens the issue. To avoid a bigger problem than what you started with, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

That said, there are a few things you can check to narrow down the culprit, and we’ll discuss them here for you.

Checking for Leaks and Clogs

In our 50 years of heating repair experience, sometimes the problem isn’t the furnace fans at all but at the ducts themselves. Leaks in the ductwork dissipate the heated air before it reaches your rooms.

If you are able, do a quick visual inspection of the ducts and vents. Make sure that joints are properly sealed off. Additionally, ensure that they are free from any obstruction that may be reducing the heating capacity of your furnace.

Inspecting the Limit Switch

For more heating-repair savvy homeowners, you can also visually inspect the switch itself. The fan limit switch is controlled by a temperature sensor. When the plenum heats up, the dial will turn. If this does not happen, it could be the sensor needs replacement or the dial itself is jammed.

If you find that these are the issues behind the cold air blowing from out your furnace fans, it’s best to discuss it with our specialists from Anderson Air Corps to help you properly diagnose the problem, and determine an appropriate repair.

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