Why Schools Need Air Conditioning

Recently, the Department of Energy has partnered with K-12 school districts and other stakeholders to pursue a zero-energy goal. This means schools that maximize energy efficiency to “create inspiring and dynamic learning environments”. With this goal in mind, one important aspect comes into play and that is indoor air quality and air conditioning.

Why Schools Need Air Conditioning

With all the innovations and technologies in heating, cooling, and energy efficiency available today, the government is confident that they will be able to achieve zero-energy schools throughout the many different climates in the country.

The Importance of Comfort

A high school study that won the EPA Special Achievement Award in 2006 concluded that classroom temperatures can actually affect learning and attentiveness. Comfort is a factor in increasing concentration during studying; students exposed to higher temperatures tend to score lower in tests than those with adequate air conditioning. Additionally, exposure to freezing temperatures also affects student performance negatively.

Mandatory Air Conditioning

While most schools recognize the need for proper HVAC systems, budget constraints are a huge determinant when it comes to actually having heating and cooling systems installed.

On the other hand, energy consumption for schools with the right HVAC systems often reports that utility bills comprise a large chunk of their monthly spending budget, second only to salaries.

Zero-energy schools are consulting with air conditioning experts, technicians, and companies to provide a comfortable classroom experience for students while lowering energy costs by up to 80%.

How Air Conditioning Systems Can Benefit You

You can also help your children achieve more positive results at home by maintaining optimal conditions. If you’d like to learn more about how you can make your home’s environment more conducive to productive studying, give Anderson Air Corps a call at (505) 855-9028. Our professionals will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Our services are available in Albuquerque and nearby areas.