Our Best Tips to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

The World Health Organization first coined the term “Sick Building Syndrome” in 1986. It refers to a spate of non-specific and seemingly untraceable and unrelated symptoms reported by tenants in buildings following recent construction or remodeling. It involves feeling ill while inside the structure then seems to disappear whenever you leave the building. This is only one of the many effects of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) your home can have.

Anderson Air Corps is the state’s leading cooling and heating repair, maintenance and service contractor for over 50 years. This is why we have listed down our best tips on how to improve your indoor air quality and improve your home and your family’s health.

What Can You Do?

Keeping your indoor air quality in perfect condition would require some professional help, but that doesn’t mean that you, as a homeowner, are completely without options. Your indoor air quality is dependent on dust, dirt and other contaminants entering inside your home.

Your air conditioning system is designed to filter these unwanted particles out but you can help, too. Keeping your floor and carpet clean, mopped and vacuumed is a good way to reduce the amount of dust in your home. Regularly wipe surfaces clean, especially in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. If you have pets, it’s often a good idea to keep them well-brushed to lessen fur and dander from entering your system.

What Can We Do?

Anderson Air Corps has been in the cooling and heating repair and service industry for over five decades. Our extensive experience has taught us a thing or two about dust mites and mold: they thrive in areas with 50% or higher humidity levels. Installing a humidifier (or dehumidifier, depending on your location) can help you maintain humidity at acceptable levels to keep mold growth and mites in check.

We also offer top of the line Carrier air cleaners such as Comfort™ EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter and Infinity® Air Purifier to help further improve your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality You Can Trust

With over half a century of cooling and heating repair, maintenance and service experience, Anderson Air Corps can help you and your family avoid that nasty Sick Building Syndrome with our expertise in indoor air quality. Call us today at (505) 855-9028 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We serve Albuquerque and nearby communities.