Common Zone Control System Problems

A central heating and air conditioning system is an efficient way to provide cooling and heating to multi-room homes. Zone control systems allow occupants to customize their own room temperatures. Such a complicated system will occasionally develop problems, some even warranting emergency repair.

We take a look at these common problems and the right solutions.

How Zone Control Systems Work

To understand the root of these problems, you should first understand how they work. The output of a typical central HVAC unit is attached to the main duct intake. Every room has vents for air intake, which takes warm air from the room and releases cool air. Zone control systems regulate the amount of cool air released into a particular room.

Zone control systems are a bit more complicated, but basically, it has motorized dampers connected to a central control panel, which “coordinates” the HVAC system, the dampers, and the thermostats or sensors. It automatically calculates how wide the dampers should be open and controls the amount of cool air that gets into a room. These calculations also help regulate the HVAC unit’s output, resulting in efficient operation.

Common Problems

Such a complicated system can develop problems over time. Fortunately, most of these problems have fairly simple fixes.

  • Thermostat Malfunction – The most common problem homeowners encounter is a malfunctioning thermostat. Turning it off and back on, reseating the front panel, or resetting it as instructed in the user guide, often resolves such malfunctions. For thermostats with removable front panels, cleaning the electronics can also help. Fresh batteries may be needed if you haven’t replaced them in a while. Since thermostats are often sold separately from the main system, they are easily replaceable and upgradeable in case all solutions fail.

  • Stuck Dampers – Damper motors can get stuck and certain components may need to be tapped, pushed, or lubricated. While the fix is fairly simple, the location of the dampers make it difficult to do and will require professional assistance.

  • Faulty Control Panel – As previously described, the control panel is like the brain of the entire system. Common problems include faulty wiring, power fluctuations, and temperature extremes, which necessitate emergency AC repair. A complicated system needs to be addressed by a certified HVAC technician as soon as possible; spending a few days without air conditioning is entirely possible if certain components will need to be replaced.

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