4 Telltale Signs Your AC Will Need Repairs

One of the worst things that could happen in the middle of summer is your air conditioning system failing on you. This is why testing your air conditioner before the beginning of summer is always a good practice, as well as recognizing signs of impending failure:

4 Telltale Signs Your AC Will Need Repairs


  1. It’s Making Loud Sounds – Your HVAC system isn’t noiseless, but it shouldn’t be making a racket, either. Some sounds like rattling and hissing can be addressed by regular cleaning and maintenance. Others, like thumping and banging sounds, may indicate that the air conditioner is about to fail. If this is the case, contact a certified HVAC technician for repair.

  1. Low Airflow – Is your air conditioner turned on but not blowing air as it should? The reason could simply be clogged ducts, filters, or registers. These areas tend to accumulate more dust and dirt throughout summer. Regularly cleaning the filters, or replacing, if disposable, helps alleviate problems with airflow. If the issue persists, your HVAC system will likely need repairs. There’s also a chance you have leaks in the ductwork, so inspect that as well.

  1. Spikes In Your Energy Bills – Compare your home’s energy consumption for the past 12 months. If it tends to spike during cooling season, your AC may be part of the problem. In addition to regular maintenance and inspection, consider having your home audited by a BPI-certified energy auditor. Energy audits help pinpoint areas that negatively affect your home’s energy efficiency, such as windows, insulation, and the HVAC system.

  1. Oil-Like Splatters – If you notice splatters that look like oil near the ducts, your refrigerant may be leaking. Have such leaks addressed as soon as you notice them; your air conditioner can’t do its job without enough refrigerant. Once the leak is addressed, the refrigerant will then be refilled by your HVAC technician.

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