The Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Business Owner’s Guide IAQ

When it comes to running your own business in Albuquerque, there is a lot that business owners’ need to keep in mind: finances, human resources, policies… but oftentimes business owners miss a factor that is omnipresent in the work environment, but easily overlooked: indoor air quality (IAQ).

If you own a business and are looking to improve the productivity and atmosphere within the work environment, then you may want to consider your building’s indoor air quality, or IAQ.

Why Does IAQ Matter?

Indoor air quality is important to everyone within a business: building owners, office managers, and employees, because it directly affects the health of the occupants within the building. For most offices, the majority of one’s workday is spent completely indoors. This becomes problematic when you consider that studies from the EPA found that indoor air can have higher levels of pollutants than the air outdoors.

Airborne pollutants, such as dust, VOCs, and noxious gases can compromise the health and well-being of those working within your office space. These pollutants can cause ill effects on people’s health, ranging from runny noses to more serious respiratory diseases.

The EPA, as well as several independent panels, have ranked indoor air pollution as a significant environmental health concern. Even very well maintained buildings can experience episodes of poor indoor air quality due to a variety of reasons.

Good indoor air quality can result in improved productivity among employees, higher job satisfaction, and fewer missed days of work.

How to Improve Your Building’s IAQ

  1. Have a professional indoor air quality assessment done on your building. This is the best way to check the quality of your air, and to make you completely aware of any pollutants within the building.
  2. Rid the building of the pollutants by either totally removing them or fixing the cause of the problem (such as water leaks causing mold). Indoor pollutants can arise from building maintenance activities, pest control, housekeeping, maintenance, remodeling, new furnishings, and occupants’ routine behaviors.
  3. Properly ventilate your building. Many pollutants build up in areas with poor ventilation and can be reduced once the building becomes better ventilated.
  4. Make sure that your building’s HVAC system has proper filtration and maintain a clean environment at all times.
  5. Respond immediately to floods, spills or leaks in the building to prevent future IAQ issues.


Talk to Employees About Good IAQ

These Actions Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

  1. Create a smoke free work space. Even if occupants smoke right outside of the building, the smoke can affect the quality of the air traveling indoors.
  2. Be mindful of spray-cleaners and other products used in the workspace. Encourage use of non-toxic cleaning products and discourage the use of scented fragrances or air fresheners.
  3. Create a clear procedure for responding to air quality complaints from employees and other building occupants. Keep a record of past complaints so you gain a better understanding of the overall quality of your building’s air.

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