The ABC’s of HVAC Maintenance and Repair

November 9, 2018

So you’re talking with your HVAC contractor and they mention some technical sounding HVAC related term and suddenly they’ve lost you. This happens frequently, especially if you have no background when it comes to air conditioning and heating systems.

You don’t need to be a certified technician to grasp the basics of your HVAC, it pays to learn a bit if only to help you communicate better with your service provider. Here are the ABCs of HVAC maintenance and repair to help you get started.

A is for Air Handler and Airflow

You’ll hear an HVAC contractor talk about airflow and air handlers. Air handler is an umbrella term pertaining to the actual mechanism that pumps air throughout your ducts and vents. This is usually only the blower but in some units, you’ll also find evaporator coils and other heating and cooling elements inside.

B is for British Thermal Units

BTU stands for British Thermal Units, and it’s the main unit for measuring your system’s capacity, i.e. how much heating or cooling it can provide. Normally, you’ll hear BTUs while discussing new installations or when you’re shopping around for new units. You may also hear other terms such as tonnage and capacity, but they pertain to the same thing.

C is for Compressors, Condensers, and Coils

During installation, your HVAC contractor may install an outdoor unit for your air conditioner. This is the condenser and it’s responsible for releasing heat out of your home and into the world. This is also where you’ll hear most of the noise your air conditioner is making since it deals with the pressure that keeps the coolant circulating throughout the coils in the system.

You Don’t Have to Be Clueless About Cooling Any More

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