Annual Furnace Maintenance Is Essential To A Safe And Comfortable Home

Furnace ManJust as home maintenance is essential to a safe and comfortable dwelling, prevention is an essential part of appropriate maintenance. Heading off problems before they begin is always in the best interest of any homeowner, and this can be accomplished by having a qualified technician perform annual furnace maintenance on your heating system.

An Ounce of Prevention

There are several reasons why annual furnace inspections are important, and these include ensuring that your furnace runs smoothly. Qualified technicians have the skills to inspect the system’s wiring and parts, lubricate the unit where necessary and replace elements that have reached the end of their lifespan.

Improved Efficiency

Maintaining your furnace also improves its efficiency. For example, to appropriately heat your home on a continuous basis, air must move through the system’s filters quickly and easily. If filters become clogged, the unit’s efficiency decreases, leading to higher heating bills and a shorter life for your furnace. Making sure the unit is properly maintained is the best way to improve efficiency.


Your family’s health can also be negatively affected by a poorly functioning HVAC unit. For example, respiratory disease and similar problems can stem from toxic airborne particles and mold spores being released into your home because of dirty, neglected filters. A qualified furnace inspector can spot such problems before they become serious and jeopardize your family’s health.


A furnace that performs in a reliable manner is essential to a comfortable home. Trained technicians will calibrate and verify your unit’s thermostat to ensure that it will regulate the temperature of your home throughout even the coldest of months.

Finally, yearly maintenance of your HVAC unit may even save lives. This is because all furnaces release carbon monoxide in their exhaust, which is a normal part of their operation. However, if the furnace malfunctions and this substance seeps into the home, odorless and deadly gas may poison those who live in the dwelling. Licensed professionals inspect furnaces for such leaks as part of their yearly maintenance checkup.


Always have your furnace inspected in early fall or late summer, prior to the time harsh weather occurs. Take a few minutes today to call your local HVAC professionals and schedule a service call for furnace maintenance.