Duct Sealing To Keep Bugs And Rodents Out

October 17, 2014


Male hispanic air-conditioning maintenance technicianDuct sealing is one of the ways of getting rid of bugs and rodents. Rats, mice, cockroaches and other bugs/ rodents species use air vents/ ducts and dark, rarely used places as their transit highways or dwelling places. In addition to spreading diseases, these bugs and rodents can cause massive damage to clothes, electrical wiring and other properties. The good news is that you can rid of them.

How to carry out duct sealing

Open and clean vents

Duct sealing is a comprehensive process that entails several processes, equipments and products. A physical check of your vents is a good start. Open vents by removing the materials/ objects at the openings of the vents. Ensure your air conditioner or heater is off before you open the vents or touch any parts. Clean the insides of your vents by blowing, sweeping or scrubbing food and other particles that attract the rodents and bugs.

Set traps and seal vents

There are many mechanical traps you can set for rodents. Set as many as you can inside the vents, preferably at the entrance. You can add bait to the traps to attract the bugs and rodents. Close the vent openings and any other gaps that may be entry points for the rodents and bugs.


Since you will leave the traps in place, avoid using high quantities of foods or chemicals. Food might rot and start smelling before you catch the rodents, and some chemicals might be blown into your living spaces; poisoning you. Poisons that do not kill on impact might cause the rodents to die elsewhere; making them hard to remove.

Remove traps and reseal the vents

After some time, reopen the vents and remove the traps together with any dead rodents/ bugs. Return the traps if you still think there are more rodents/ bugs. Seal the ducts and other gaps to prevent future invasion. A fine wire mesh might do the trick.


You can keep rodents and bugs out of your home through duct sealing. Some of the things needed for effective duct sealing include screwdrivers (for opening vent entries), safety gloves, traps, baits, fine wire mesh, torch, soap and plastic bags for disposing off the dead rodents/ bugs. Call us for all your air conditioning and heating system needs.