A Preseason Heater Check Makes Your Home Safe For The Winter

An inefficient heating system will, at best, make your energy costs skyrocket this winter. Such a system will also make your home unsafe for you and your family. This is why it is important to conduct a preseason heater check each year before the winter season starts. Once this is done, then you can be fully confident that your system will operate at full efficiency without posing any danger to your home. Before you go ahead and start the routine heating maintenance job, make sure you have disconnected the power.


Clean External Components

During summer, dirt and dust buildup is very common on the external surface of the heater. Before you fire it up for the winter, make sure that you have cleaned the unit and the area around the system. Use a vacuum cleaner or a hose to make sure that you have removed all the debris and any other dirt that may have accumulated in the area. Use a clean soft cloth that will remove all the dirt. For hard to reach areas, make use of a small brush. If you cannot get one, a toothbrush will do the trick.


Inspection for Leaks

A gas leak may become dangerous if not dealt with immediately. The first sign of such a leak would be a rotten smell around the unit. You can also purchase a gas detector to make your work easier. The detector you buy needs to help you identify even the slightest leaks. When you detect a leak during the routine heating maintenance task, leave the house immediately and call in an expert. Even when the leak is not as risky as you may think, it is advisable that you call in someone with the relevant know-how to handle the situation.


Clean the Burners

Burners that are coated with soot, dust, and dirt reduce the efficiency of the whole system. Additionally, they reduce its lifespan. Make sure that during inspection and tuneup of your heating system, you remove the burners and check them for any soiling. You then need to clean them so that your furnace works to its optimum level.


Change the Air Filter

The filter is one of the most important components of any furnace. You need to make sure that you change the filter every 45 — 60 days because it wears down with constant use. However, the duration will vary depending on the thickness and quality of the filter. The filter works extensively during summer, therefore make sure that it is changed during routine heating maintenance.


If you test your furnace before the start of the winter and you feel it is not performing satisfactorily, you need to call in a pro to check it out for you. Whatever you do, make sure you have your heating system checked before winter sets in.