5 Types of Residential Heating Systems

With several different types of residential heating systems to choose from, finding one that fits the heating requirements of your home isn’t difficult. Furnace repair and installation expert Anderson Air Corps lists the types of heating systems that can be installed in today’s homes.

5 Types of Residential Heating Systems

Furnace — The furnace is the most common type of heating system in this country. It heats air by burning fuel such as oil or gas. The heated air is distributed through ductwork and regulated using electronically-controlled dampers. Always choose a furnace with the highest AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating to get the most out of your fuel.

Boiler — A boiler is a special type of water heater. Whereas furnaces distribute heated air through ductwork, boilers pump heated water through pipes. Metal radiators release heat into rooms, then the cooled water gets returned back to its tank where it gets reheated. Boilers also supply hot water to bathrooms. Radiant floor heating uses the same principle as a boiler, but only heats the floor. The naturally-rising heat then warms the remaining space.

Heat Pumps — Heat pumps are essentially reversible air conditioners. The compression and condensation cycle of a coolant takes it through extremely hot and cold stages. Air conditioners radiate the heat as waste, while the cold stage is used to generate cool air. Air-source heat pumps work by reversing this process, where the heating stage is used to generate hot air. External heat sources can also be used. For example, geothermal heat pumps gather heat using coils buried in the ground. Ductless, mini-split, and multi-split systems eliminate ductwork and zoned systems with individual evaporators installed in every room.

Portable Heaters — Portable heaters can be used in small rooms or apartments, or as temporary room heating in case the HVAC system is under repair. Homeowners are advised against using “vent-free” gas-fired portable heaters for long periods of time, as it can deplete the room of oxygen and release particulates from the consumed fuel. Electric space heaters are more suitable, but require more electricity per cubic foot of heating.

Stoves and Fireplaces — Fireplaces are the oldest type of indoor heating system, and are also the least efficient. Since heat tends to rise, a large portion of its generated heat is lost through the flue. Traditional fireplaces can be retrofitted with stoves that work much like a typical furnace, though they’re not as efficient as their gas- or oil-fired counterparts.

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