Window vs Central Air: Which Is Better?

Central Air ConditionerWhen it comes to air conditioning systems, there are two common options: the Window unit and the Central Air option.

Both options have positives as well as negatives for cooling the home. It is important to weight each option carefully so you can make sure to choose the best option for your home.


The installation process is different for both AC options. Window units are pretty easy to install.

This option is set inside an open window or placed in a cut out to the outside of the home. Simple tools and fasteners will place the unit in the appropriate spot.

A central unit is much harder to install and usually requires a professional. A central unit requires duct work to be placed in the home, in the ceiling or the crawl space.

The size of the home must be considered as well as sizing of equipment to make sure the unit will cool the home.


When it comes to cost, a window unit can be more cost effective. Not only is the option easy to install but it requires simple power to run.

Central air can cost quite a bit to install and they use more energy than a single window unit, but they have the ability to cover more space with cooling than a window unit.


The positive aspect to a central air unit is that a central unit not only cools the home but is also heats the home as well. This can reduce installation cost as well as headaches.

This option can also cool the entire home, as we mentioned above. This option can also be easily controlled and timed with a special thermostat. A window unit positive is the easy installation as well as price.

They are easy to operate and can be controlled via the main panel.


A negative aspect to a window unit is that this option can be risky as burglars can remove the unit and use the open space to access your home. Many of these units must also be removed during the winter months so you are constantly taking the unit down and putting it back up each summer.

A negative to central air is the fact that you cannot cool one room at a time. If you need just a few rooms cooled, you will not have this option. This type of system can waste energy, causing you to pay for cooling that you do not need.

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