Carrier VS System

Carrier VS System

Anderson Air Corps is your one stop shop for everything heating and cooling. We offer extensive service options for you to enjoy a comfortable home year round. As a top certified Carrier dealer, we can accommodate your every need, including Carrier VS air conditioner and Carrier VS heat pump systems. The Carrier VS System is a relatively new unit type that offers variable speed controls, upgrading your home with better temperature and humidity control. To learn more about the VS system and how it can benefit your home, read on below.

Carrier VS System

The Variable Speed system provides modern air conditioning at a premium. Your unit will have specialized components to offer maximized comfort in the home. At Carrier, there are two basic unit types, the 18VS and 19VS system. Below is more information on both types, allowing you to make a more informed decision for your home cooling comfort needs.


The Infinity 18VS Heat Pump system is an ideal option to add to the 19VS Air Conditioner which will be discuss further below. With the heat pump, the system will vary the speed of the compressor by monitoring the conditions inside and outside the home at a continual rate. The unit offers one of five states for energy efficiency and comfort, providing a more convenient way to be comfortable in the home. To help the unit live a long and fruitful operating life, the system has an invertor control that provides sophisticated management of the unit. The 11 HSPF helps the unit work at a higher efficiency rating, making the unit ideal for many climates in the United States.


Pair the heat pump system with the Carrier 19VS Central Air Conditioner for a modern day solution for optimal cooling. This unit has a SEER rating of 19 and is very quiet, offering you quality cooling without the noise of a large unit. This system was created after years of research by Carrier in design and development, for a more streamlined system for home cooling.

This unit type features a variable 5 stage rotary compressor that will operate on a low capacity of just 25%. This means the unit can cool the home at much lower speeds, saving you money as well as controlling the temperature and humidity. When combined with an air purifier, the system can deliver a high air flow that is consistent with comfort while still maintaining high energy efficient levels.

Key Features and Specifications

  • High SEER and HSPF ratings equal maximum energy efficiency
  • Space saving design allows you to install the unit with ease
  • Summer dehumidification with Infinity Touch Control
  • Integrated technology for quality controls
  • Special construction to manage the sound levels during operation

Each unit type can be used singularly or together to provide quality comfort in the home. When you are in need of a new HVAC system, our team at Anderson Air Corps can help you get started, installing a system by Carrier such as the examples above. Carrier is constantly changing their technology to feature unique and updated products for maximum potential of home comfort. Our company works hard to maintain all technologies and learn the latest products to give you the most energy efficient and high quality products on the market today.

When you are in need of a new system installation, let us help! Our trained staff of technicians can assist you with custom unit options for a more comfortable home. We are prepared to install a new system for your home as well as offer maintenance and repair service. Let us serve you and your home with the best of the best when it comes to cooling products. Contact our office today to learn more!