Cut Heating Costs in Winter With A Humidifier

February 22, 2015

HumidifierTo many individuals, there is nothing worse in the winter time than humidity. When the cold air arrives, it can easily affect your health, with skin irritations, nosebleeds and more. As the winter begins, skin can begin cracking or become itchy while the nose area can become prone to dry mucus or bleeding. To avoid these type of health issues, we recommend adding a humidifier in the home. Our technicians at Anderson Air Corps know all too well the problems that can arise in the winter months and we offer many service types to keep your home comfortable and warm.
For the most comfortable home and maximum savings during the winter months, a room humidifier is the top choice. With a humidifier, you will be adding moisture into the air which will then help the room to retain heat. Although a humidifier will take additional energy to operate, you will be able to save on your utility bill as you can turn the thermostat down for warmth.
There are additional methods for saving money and energy in the home during the winter months, that when combined with a humidifier, can help you to enjoy the colder months of the year. Continue reading below to see how you can have a comfortable home this winter season.

Insulating Windows of the Home

The windows of the home are perfect outlets for air to enter and leave the home. During the winter months, the windows of the home can easily release the heat your HVAC system provides. It is important to make sure the windows are insulated so your home will retain heat better. Energy Star models do well to provide proper insulation to your windows or you can simply add window treatments to help keep heat in your home.

Attic Space

Heat from your home can easily leak out of the attic space and cause you to spend more on your monthly heating bills. Drafts should be sealed and the attic can commonly have leaks. The attic will need proper insulation to contain the warmth that the heating system provides. Loose-fill insulation is the best way to contain heat and is an inexpensive option to add insulation to your attic space.

Heat Only What You Need To

When warming the home, consider the rooms you are going to be using. If you find that you have several bedrooms or areas of the home that are not commonly used, you can consider shutting off the heat to those portions of the home. You can close the venting to these rooms or you can actually turn the heating completely off and use space heaters to warm the spaces you are using. This will limit the amount of power you are using in the home and help you to save money. Ceramic space heaters are not expensive and can easily be used to provide enough warmth for specific areas of the home.

Stay Cozy

There are additional ways to stay warm without having to spend a dime. By simply staying cozy, you will feel comfortable in the home. Consider wearing comfy sweaters, pajamas or sweatpants and layer up with blankets to enjoy the comfort of your home. You can easily stay stylish by adding throws to your living area that compliment your décor and help you to remain comfortable.
These are just a few ways you can remain warm and toasty in the home as alternatives to heating, including using a humidifier.

At Anderson Air Corps, we want to help you with your home heating needs. Let us provide you with quality services including and inspection of your heating system. We can show you how a humidifier can help to provide additional heating assistance in the home. Contact our office today to learn more about the many options you have for a wonderful winter season.