Swamp Cooler Inefficiencies During Monsoon Season

August 29, 2014

Swamp coolers provide some of the best home cooling solutions today but surprisingly, they are usually very ineffective especially during the monsoon season. Swamp coolers, alternatively known as evaporative air cooling systems, are designed to work perfectly during dry seasons. It is during the monsoon season that the humidity in the air increases, therefore exposing the ineffectiveness of these cooling systems.

The main purpose of a swamp cooler is to trap dry air from outside and convert it into cool air by passing it through wet pads installed inside the machines. When the dry air gets into contact with the wet pads, it is instantly converted into cooler air and circulated inside the house. However, according to most homeowners living in areas that experience monsoon seasons, things become totally different when the humidity is high.

The presence of high humidity in the air makes it almost impossible for these coolers to work effectively. When the moist air is trapped from outside and redirected into the cooling machine, it becomes too damp given the fact that the wet pads are also available in the same chambers. The combination of moist air and wet pads creates a foul smell that is circulated inside the house in form of cool air. Besides, the evaporative cooling device finds it difficult to convert moist air from outside during humid conditions into cool air for internal circulation and in most cases, the whole unit ends up working as a fan but not an air conditioner.

Most homeowners have also been complaining because of their high energy bills during the monsoon seasons. This occurs because of rising heat and humidity but things can be changed by using refrigerated air conditioning systems. The best thing about refrigerated air conditioning systems is that, unlike swamp coolers, they do not require water to perform their tasks. Swamp coolers need water to keep the pads wet as they anticipate dry air from outside while refrigerated conditioners do not yet they are very effective during monsoon seasons.

You do to have to wait until you receive high energy bills for you to discover the expensiveness and ineffectiveness of swamp coolers during monsoon season; get in touch with your local HVAC contractors today and have a refrigerated air conditioner installed immediately.