5 Common Misconceptions About Air Purifiers

There are many common misunderstandings about how an air purifier can actually benefit your home’s air. We’ve gathered up some common misconceptions and set the record straight. Get to know the value of having an air purifier in your home.

Air Purifiers For Great Indoor Air Quality

From the cost of the units to the touted miracle cures, there are many misnomers about these extremely beneficial machines. Read on to learn more about how air purifiers can help benefit your home environment by improving your indoor air quality.



If you would like more one-on-one assistance with any questions about adding an air purifier to your home, call us. We can help answer all your air quality and HVAC related questions.

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Winter Heating Problems to Look Out For

During the winter months, our technicians at Anderson Air Corps commonly receive repair calls for certain furnace heating issues. A furnace is used in homes around the world to provide the much-needed heat source as the temperature begin to plummet in the winter months. There are common issues that can take place within a furnace that will see you have less heat in the home. Below are a few of these issues to help you learn what to look for when your furnace system starts to act up.

Failed Ignition Switch

If your furnace is not turning on, you may have a failed ignition switch. If you have a gas furnace, there are two components that are used to start up and generate the heat in the home. The pilot light will ignite when the flow of natural gas in the burner assembly activates. The heat will continue to burn as the home requires heating. If the assembly is not cleaned on a regular basis with heating service, the unit can become clogged and the ignition will refuse to ignite. The pilot light can break down and the unit will need to be repaired to ensure proper operation.

Issues with the Air Handler

An air handler is used in a furnace system to circulate air throughout the home as it operates. The air handler is basically a motor with a fan attached. The air handler has to be oiled on a regular basis to ensure that friction is reduced on the motor. The bearings can wear out and this can cause a loud sound to come from the furnace system. If the bearings are not replaced or oiled as needed, the air handler can burn out after overheating. This can be a major repair that takes time and has a high cost.

Cycling Heat

When you have a dirty or clogged filter, or an issue with the blower, you can have inadequate air flow in the home. Your furnace can start to turn on and off when this happens, causing cycling heating in the home. If you check the filter and blower and do not have an issue, it could be that the thermostat is faulty. You will need to have our technicians come out to your home to inspect the unit. We can help to determine the issue so that your unit will be operating effectively in no time.

Inconsistent Temperature

If you find that your furnace is operating continuously and is still cold, you may have a draft in the home. When you have a draft, such as a door draft or leaky window, you can experience a heat loss. This can also happen if you have insulation that is damaged in the home. When this happens, you must check for drafty spaces. Any issues must be repaired to ensure your unit is able to operate effectively without losing any heat, saving you money to keep the home comfortable.

Carbon Monoxide

When you have a furnace in the home, you must also be aware of carbon monoxide. This gas can be emitted from a furnace system and can cause issues with your health. Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide can result in major health issues or even death. The gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless. If you have an older unit, you will be more at risk. Be sure to have carbon monoxide alarms installed and allow us to provide quality maintenance service on your system to ensure that unit is operating under safe conditions.

Care For Your System

Overall it is important to care for your furnace system. Any heating problems should be taken care of with furnace repair, which our technicians at Anderson Air Corps can provide. Contact us today to learn more about the HVAC services we can offer your home.

Anderson Heating And Cooling

Here at Anderson heating and cooling we feel that it is very important to recognize our team of highly trained technicians because if it weren’t for them we would not be where we are today and neither would cooling systems. They are what keep air conditioning systems improving because they are able to develop new ways and techniques to cool homes while saving money.

We offer many different services here and would be more than happy to have you as a customer. Our team here at Anderson is highly trained and has the knowledge to help you fix whatever problem you may have concerning your air conditioning system. To schedule a service or to just get some more information about air conditioners just give us a call.

Home Automation

The Future At Your Doorstep

Never in a million years did we think we would see the day when home automation becomes a reality.

Here at Anderson heating and cooling, we have noticed the recent transition to new home automations. Home automations make our lives much easier and allow us to control our home even when we aren’t there. Home automation allows you to control critical systems and appliances from a remote control or even your cell phone. By using your smartphone you can do many things. Specialized apps have been developed that allow you to set temperatures in your home, turn off your lights, set your security systems, open and close garage doors, and many other things. It is very obvious that there are many benefits to using a home automation system and we are going to provide them for you below.


Most home automation systems as of today allow you to control what is happening in your home whether you are home or not. By using this system it is pretty much like you are transitioning your home into a smart home just like a smart phone. With home automations you can turn your alarm systems on or off right from your cell phone, control multiple audio and video devices with one button. You can even set timers on things such as your HVAC system. You can set a timer so that it will cut on and off when you want it to this will make you have a smart HVAC system in your home. It is very obvious that these systems will be of convenience to your busy lifestyle.


Believe it or not home automation will even increase your homes security. If you forgot to lock your doors, shut the garage, or you need to unlock your doors for a visitor tat is arriving before you ever get home no problem! All of this can be done remotely and automatically. You can do all of this from your smartphone and have access to live security feeds as well. This will allow you to be at ease when you are away from home for a while or on vacation.

Save Money

Home automation can even reduce your utility bills when you manage your system properly. A smart thermostat can be set remotely as well as programmed to operate on weeklong cycles to provide customized comfort in your home. You can turn your HVAC system down when you are on vacation and have it returned to the preferred temperature before you return home. Both of these things will allow your heating and cooling system to run more efficiently which will save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Now you know what home automation is and what benefits it has to offer you. You more than likely always have your tablet or smart phone in your hand anyway so why not keep an eye on your home at the same time. We believe that home automation is the future of our homes and once one person makes the transformation to their home so will hundreds of others until eventually everyone has a home automation system. It is a very interesting thing to look into and study. If you feel like you may want to install a home automaton system in the future and would like to know more give us a call here at Anderson heating and cooling. We have a team of highly trained professionals who are always willing to help and answer any questions that you may have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and find out more about home automated systems.


Andy Anderson gets a 21st century makeover


Tips For Central Air Conditioner Replacement

The Need for Air Conditioner Replacement

Any home owner can tell you to “expect the unexpected.” There are times when things break down and need replacing. It is not what every home owner wants to hear, but when all the signs are pointing towards air conditioner replacement you can’t deny them. This is true for your central heat and air conditioning unit. Over time, machines do break down and the cost of replacing parts outweighs just replacing the whole unit.

There are certain signs to look for on the deciding factor if you need to have an air conditioner replacement done. Here at Anderson Air Corps we want you to know these signs, and prepare you for replacing your old unit. Here are some helpful tips on signs that you may need to replace your air conditioning unit:

Outdated Air Conditioners

If your central air conditioning unit is over ten to fifteen years old, it might be time to replace it. Technologies are always advancing, and improving upon products every day. Older model central air conditioning units do not meet the requirements that newer models have. New requirements require the SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio) to be higher now. Older models have less than a thirteen SEER, and the newer models are required to have a thirteen SEER or higher. The reason you want a higher SEER unit, is because this will help you save money, because the higher the SEER the less your unit has to work. This will inevitably help you save money. Read this article to understand more on this.

Air Conditioners That Need Constant Repair

If your central air conditioning unit is constantly breaking down and needing repairs, the cost of replacing your unit might be a better alternative than constantly replacing parts. No one wants to have to keep paying out of pockets costs to fix their air conditioning. Having a unit that is broken down all the time, will also lead to your house being uncomfortable, and no one wants to have to come home to a hot house.

Banned Refrigerant

If your unit is running on R-22 refrigerant (Freon) you might want to replace your unit. The federal government is phasing out the use of Freon, and now calls for the use of a new refrigerant 410-A. If your unit is running on Freon, and having problems with losing the refrigerant, it will be quite costly to keep gassing up your unit. The need for air conditioner replacement will be inevitable, and will also help the environment, as Freon is not good for it.

Low Efficiency Air Conditioners

If your unit is constantly running to heat or cool your house, this means that your unit is not efficient. Efficiency is the key to lower utility bills, because the less your unit has to work, the lower your utility bill will be. Having an energy efficient central unit is initially costlier, but in the long run will save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bill. So the cost of an air conditioner replacement outweighs the cost of paying exorbitant power costs.

Anderson Air Corps wants to help you decide if replacing your unit is indeed what you need to do. Our trusted HVAC technicians can evaluate your unit, and give your helpful advice on what your options are. We want your family to be as comfortable as possible. We can give you estimates on what central air conditioning unit will be right for your home. Knowing that our technicians are certified will give you peace of mind that your replacement installation will be handled properly and efficiently. Please give us a call to help you with all your HVAC needs, so we can give you peace of mind today.

How To Measure Heat Pump Performance

Carrier Heat PumpsWhat exactly are heat pumps? Heat pumps are a form of heating that take heat from the ground, air, or water and use it to heat a space or even water. Heat pumps are steadily rising in popularity because more and more people are starting to use them. They are very energy efficient and have been known to save people a ton of money. But how do you know if a heat pump is best for your home? We have been working very hard here at Anderson Air Corps to provide you with all the information you need to know when trying to determine whether or not a heat pump is best for your home.

Is a Heat Pump Suitable for My Home?

While heat pumps are becoming more and more popular they however are not suitable for every home. Heat pumps work best if they are being used in an area that is very well insulated or new. In order to install a heat pump you need plenty of outdoor space so that the ground source can be installed. Generally all the pipe work that goes to the heat pump has to be buried in trenches so if you have very little yard space than a heat pump is probably not a good choice for you. Heat pumps will heat water to a lower temperature than a boiler will so that is why they work best in a home that is well insulated. Heat pumps will run off radiators, but in order for them to work efficiently the radiators will have to be larger. There are a couple of different types of heat pumps that are installed different ways so maybe if you don’t have enough room to install a normal one you can install a different kind.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps don’t take up a lot of space so therefor they can be used in small areas. They are however more common in flat urban areas, places where there is no main gas supply. Air source heat pumps do however have to meet permitted development rules where the fan must be below 42 decibels from just a meter away.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pumps are the type that we first mentioned. They have to be installed under ground. A typical installation ranges from 6 to 12 kilowatts in size so you will have to have trenches that are 1.5 to 2 meters deep and 50 to 80 meters long. This just gives you a little idea about just how much room you have to have in order to install a ground source heat pump.

How Is Heat Pump Performance Measured

Heat pumps are easily an efficient alternative to electricity, oil, or solid fuel heating systems. Heat pumps have many different aspects and they all have a different impact on the performance. Here at Anderson Air Corps we believe that the most efficient way to run a heat pump system is to have it running continuously, however we have found that some people choose to not run theirs constantly and their owners were satisfied with their performance. The performance of heat pumps is rated as a seasonal performance factor. The performance is measured by the total amount of useful heat generated from the pump in a year divided by the yearly electricity consumption.

Heat pumps can be sometimes confusing to understand when you really start looking to try and install one in your home. Here at Anderson Air Corps we have a highly trained staff that would be more than happy to assist you when trying to find a heat pump that’s right for you.

About Anderson Air Corps

At Anderson Air Corps, we deliver unrivalled HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services to our clients in Albuquerque, NM.  With high quality of over 50 years, modern infrastructure, equipment, and tools, we consistently deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our winning awards in Angie’s list for 7 years proves that. Call us today for all your heating and cooling needs.

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